Things to Do: Concerts in Chisinau this Autumn

Moldovan’s love music and there are a lot of concerts over the next few weeks featuring talented Moldovan musicians in different generes.  If you are visiting, a great way to experience Moldova is through music.

October 19-20 – New Age Brutality Fest II

The second edition of this heavy metal festival returns this weekend and features bands from around Eastern Europe.  The headliners on Friday are the successful Moldovan nu metalcore band “Infected Rain” who is lead by singer, model, and artist Lena Scissorhands.  On Saturday, the night closes with the Moldovan pagan metal band “Harmasar” who mixes traditional Moldovan folk sounds and themes with fast heavy metal riffs.

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November 1: Ce Seara Minunata

Starting off November is a concert celebrating the works of Moldovan Composer Yan Raiburg.  This concert features many talented Moldovan singers including Ion Suruceanu singing the concert’s title song.   These singers are extremely popular in Moldova and offer a great chance for visitors to sample what adult contemporary pop sounds like in Moldova.

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November 8: Dan Balan

If you don’t know Dan Balan by name you might remember the song he recorded in the early 2000s that achieved world wide fame.  The song “Dragoste din Tei”, also known as the Numa Numa song outside of the Romanian speak world, was heard all over the world in 2004 and was the soundtrack to what is considered the first internet viral video.

Dan Balan has continued beyond his old band O-zone and now performs as a solo act.  This year, he recorded a new version of his hit song as a collaboration with Marley Waters.

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